Tour Operator and DMC Taormina Sicily and Riva del Garda

Tour Operator and DMC Taormina Sicily and Riva del Garda

Egmont Viaggi, tour Operator and DMC Taormina Sicily and Riva del Garda, is entering hospitality tourism in Italy.

Offers countless customized travel packages throughout Italy: Northern Italy, Central Italy, Southern Italy and Islands .

However, Egmont Viaggi boasts a consolidated experience in international hospitality tourism.

The Tour Operator and DMC in Taormina and Riva del Garda, was born in 1985.

Since then, thanks to the dedication and passion of the whole team, the company has become a point of reference for travel agencies, schools and national and international companies.

Above all the Egmont Viaggi proposals are carefully drafted by the team of professionals and experts.

Therefore A group of operators in the tourism sector with a deep knowledge of the Italian territory and passion for own work.

Furthermore, every proposal by Egmont Viaggi, Tour Operator and DMC, is designed to meet the needs of all travelers (both groups and individuals).

In other words our team can organize a holiday in Sicily, Riva del Garda or other Italian destinations taking into account everyone’s wishes and needs: from the hotel booking, to the 360 ​​° organization of a tour that includes travel, participation in events, restaurants, wine and food tasting, entrances to museums and archaeological areas, parking and much more.

Egmont guarantees its customers: personalized services and proposals studied in every detail, multilingual professional staff, highly motivated, dynamic and attentive to customer needs, precision in the choice of suppliers, maximum transparency, quality services, and competitive prices.

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Itinerary | Piedmont: wine, truffles and much more | 5 days - 4 nights

Piedmont is a predominantly mountainous region famous for its wonderful alpine scenery.

In this region in fact you can admire the beautiful and majestic summits that rise in the skies above the three thousand meters that seem, in the blink of an eye, magically go down to the plain.

The name of the region which means “at the foot of the mountains” derives from this effect. Let’s start the discovery of this region by visiting the Langhe, an area known for the famous Alba truffle.

We will walk through the woods, looking for truffles, one of the finest products in the world.

This is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and intense experiences that this area can offer. We will then continue towards Alba, the medieval “city of a hundred towers”, with its cathedral of San Lorenzo and the church of San Domenico.

We will continue to Turin, with its most important monuments such as the Duomo, where the Holy Shroud is kept.

The elegant arcades and galleries will take you to Piazza del Castello with the Royal Palace, a Savoy residence of extraordinary value.

We will then proceed towards Vercelli, an important commercial center for agricultural products, such as rice.

There will therefore be a visit to a rice field and factory and then, in the area of Monferrato, a visit to the winery with Cheers! with the famous Piedmont wine. Departure and goodbye Piedmont.