Sicily has a more than 4.000-year-old tradition in the production of ceramics and terracotta, to be admired in various museums throughout the island.

The earliest pieces date back already to the original inhabitants before the Greek colonization. The Greeks then introduced their sophisticated art and techniques that characterized Sicilian pottery for several centuries. The next step in quality and style was in the middle ages during the Arab domination. The Arabs brought their particular style as well as an advanced and modern know-how to Sicily, improving the local majolica production. But the moment of major splendour was the baroque period with its opulence in forms and colours.

Still today several towns in Sicily like Caltagirone, S. Stefano di Camastra, Burgio or Sciacca are dedicated entirely to ceramic production.

Discover the subtle art of pottery together with a local artist in a workshop in one of the narrow alleyways in Taormina. In our courses you will be shown either the manufacturing or the decoration and painting of terracotta objects following traditional Sicilian techniques. The courses are indicated to both beginners or experienced learners who want to achieve perfection in this art.

Take a typical handmade (!) souvenir from your Sicily holiday home!