Itinerary | City break Naples | 4 days - 3 nights

Naples is one of the largest and most enchanting cities of art in the Mediterranean. Its historic centre, the Basilica of Santa Chiara with its majolica cloister, the imposing Cathedral of San Gennaro, the historical workshops of the master craftsmen of San Gregorio Armeno, the Via dei Presepi, make the capital of Campania a unique location. Piazza Plebiscito, and from here, Palazzo Reale, one of the most important residences of the Bourbons royal house, to discover every secret corner of the city in the shadow of Vesuvius, from the central Via Toledo to the elegant area of ​​Chiaia, passing through the historic centre .

The Sansevero Chapel  is an intertwining of art and esotericism located in the historic centre of Naples. Jewel of the world artistic heritage, inside you can admire the statue of the veiled Christ placed in the centre of the nave, one of the most beautiful and evocative sculptures in the world. Many, in fact, believed that its transparency was the result of an alchemical process of “marbling” carried out by the Prince of Sansevero personally. In the underground of the Chapel you can see the famous anatomical machines are visible. These are the true skeletons of a man and a woman surrounded by the circulatory system in an exceptional state of conservation.

Underground Naples; forty meters below the loud and busy streets, there is a different world, still partially unexplored, extensive cavities, isolated in their millenary silence yet closely connected to the city on the surface.

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples, one of the first established in Europe, located in a monumental seventeenth-century and early nineteenth-century palace, can boast the richest and most valuable heritage of works of art and artefacts of archaeological interest in Italy. In it are exposed over three thousand objects of exemplary value in various thematic sections and preserved hundreds of thousands of artefacts dating from prehistoric times to late antiquity, from various ancient sites of the South.

The palace of Capodimonte is a royal palace located on a hill surrounded by an extensive park. It was the historical residence of the Bourbons of Naples, but also of the Bonaparte and Murat as well as of the Savoy. In the Royal Apartments you can still find the furniture that belonged to the dynastic families who lived in the house; among the prominent elements: porcelains, objects of daily life and sculptures and paintings by Italian and European artists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.