Our project of 5 senses experience is meant for people who want to get to know the deeper essence, the soul of our country, not just do a classical shopping & sightseeing tour. We propose particular places and items, that are not always famous, that involve nature, local inhabitants with their traditions and folklore, their typical cuisine that aim  to create a complete image of our country in your mind.

Your programme will be tailor-made for you, never identical to another one. It follows the rhythm of the seasons: in February wander through lines of blooming almond trees and the next day, why not, slide down the snow-covered slopes of our volcano Mt. Etna on a pair of skies; in April let’s hike in a nature reserve watching the migrating birds from Africa and enjoy the overwhelming scent of the orange blossoms; in the summer listen to an opera or classical concert in our beautiful ancient theatre; autumn is harvest time: ever thought of participating in a vintage? Taste the young wine and the roasted chestnuts.

Feel the clay in your hands becoming an object of terracotta exactly like the Greek already did thousands of years ago, taste a typical local dinner prepared by yourselves with the help of a professional Chef de Cuisine after purchasing the fresh ingredients at the daily market. Improve your knowledge of the Italian language chatting and sitting in a shady courtyard with a strong espresso coffee. Be involved in one of the numerous religious feasts all over southern Italy: the intense participation of the people while their saint, the Virgin Mary or the body of the dead Christ is carried in procession through the narrow alleys of the old towns and the explosion of joy in the final fireworks.

All our southern Italian regions have similarities, but also many local particularities and unique experiences to offer. Apulia will delight your palate with some of the worldwide best olive oils, in wood ovens freshly baked bread of Altamura and great dairy products. The small towns with their Trulli houses seem the homes of the fairies.

The origins of the troglodyte town of Matera, Basilicata, are lost in the centuries but were inhabited until the 1960s. And still today we can experience how life was in these dwellings hewn out of the rock.  Nowadays they are protected by the UNESCO and were the setting of Mel Gibson’s film Passion.

Sardinia doesn’t offer only the most breathtaking coastline and beaches in Europe, a rich macchia vegetation scented with wild herbs like thyme or oregano, but also to get lost in the crowd during the celebration of Sant’Efisio, patron of Sardinia, or to go down deep under the earth to discover the life of the old Sardinian miners in their nowadays abandoned underground  world.

Only in Sicily, you have the opportunity to enjoy the sunset sitting on the summit of an active volcano like Mt. Etna or just take the boat in the evening reaching the Sciara del Fuoco, the road of fire, of the Stromboli to witness the power of the earth during the explosive eruptions on the crater. While in the narrow alleys and the souk-like street markets of Palermo, you feel the essence of the melting pot, crossway between east and west, junction between Africa and Europe.